Red Hat  GLS enterprise partner of the year 2019

Red Hat GLS enterprise partner of the year 2019

GLS Awards

This is a very auspicious moment for Indovision as we participated in Red Hat Training Partner Conference 2019, Goa 9 Oct to 11 Oct. Here, Indovision nominated in three categories:-

  1. Emerging Partner – Highest Booking (Winner)
  2. Emerging Partner – Highest Revenue (Winner)
  3. Highest Revenue from Single Account (Nominated)

It is a great Honour for us that we received two Awards in the Emerging Partner of Year. As this is Indovision 1st Year with Red Hat and winning two Awards in RHPTC-2019 is great victory for us. We are glad that Red Hat acknowledged our effort and choose us amongst all others for this award. This is our first award ceremony with Red Hat and each of the Indovision Employee dream to hold the award on stage. Being Honest, the journey towards these awards was not easy. On the Stage, it was few team member who is taking over this awards but on the backend, there are many people along with the great power of God who has enabled us to put in the effort and make us capable of getting this awards. By receiving this award Indovision ensures that our future deeds would only get well-skilled and just better. We have the plan to work with Red Hat in their RHCA and Government Initiative together and serve society.

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