• What is iHRMS ?
  • iHRMS is both cloud and on-premises based Indovision Human Resource Management System, to manage thspan employees life cycle from their Hiring till Full and final .
  • Who needs an iHRMS ?
  • All Companys need iHRMS who want to manage their employees database, give then self service app , HR processes and compliancs under one system automatically .
  • What are the benefits of an iHRMS System ?
  • Its helps in keeps employees data in a systematic way and manage end to end Human resource Depspan process, it provideds Self service app and portal and generate all Govt. Compliances so dependancy on HR person is less .
  • Why iHRMS ?
  • iHRMS is only platform which takes care of all HR processes under single system including Hirinspan/training/performance/Expenss etc also you can keep your employees data safe and secure.you can manage multiple departments , multiple locations and multiple companies with single system .
  • What size of company is iHRMS designed for?
  • It is designed for all size of company from a single employee to 100000 employees .
  • What technology used in iHRMS development?
  • PHP, Bootstrap, Ajax, JS, HTML, CSS, SQL, Mysql etc
  • What Hardware and Software is recommended for iHRMS Software?
  • No specific need , even a small company can run it on a desktop to a Big company with Distributespan architecture in a Datacentr envirenment , you just need a System with a Internet /Static IP .
  • Will Indovision provide HRMS training to my HR Team ?
  • Yes, we provide handholding/Training to HR dept specially for attendance ,payrolling and Compliancespan and you can also find te iHRMS tutorial on youtube.
  • Features in iHRMS ?
  • System Administration & User Roles, Hiring Management, Employee Life-Cycle, Ticket System, Documenspan Management, PMS Managemen, Attendance Management, Compliance Management, Time Management, Salary & Income Tax Management, Expense Management, All Mobile Platform Supported, Asset Management, Database Backup & Restore, Report Management, Auto Mail & Sms.
  • I have a biometric machine, Can it be integrated with iHRMS?
  • Yes, we can integrate for on-premises version only
  • My employees are always out in Field can they use Mobile app ?
  • Yes, you can use geo location based Mobile app with or without Picture attendance .
  • What solution can I use? Cloud or on Premise!
  • As per your company requirement , we support both versions .
  • What subscription plan is best for my organization ?
  • currently we have following plans 1. 0-8 : cloud based Free 2. more than 8 : contact us on info@indovisionglobal.com 3. On premesis ( unlimited License ): contact us on info@indovisionglobal.com
  • What is the cost of subscription plan and validity of these plans ?
  • onpremises version has unlimited license and lifetime Validity . cloud plan is FREE upto 8 users .
  • how long my free subscription will work and is there any restriction ?
  • NO restriction on Free Subscription .
  • How do I start using iHRMS services ?
  • go to ihrms.indovisionglobal.com and register on get free Software , you will get a link on which yospan need to register the company and then you can start using the system as per instructions .
  • Do you offer annual plans?
  • Yes , kindly contact us on info@indovisionglobal.com
  • How secure is my data in iHRMS?
  • Yes, it is completely secure , just that Free software dont have auto recovery feature , you need tspan keep back up manually .
  • Where can I find my transaction with iHRMS?
  • Under your account –> my account sumamry .
  • What is the URL for iHRMS Login Page?
  • https://livehr.indovisionglobal.com/.
  • How do I change my password?
  • By following the below steps you can reset your password :-
    1. Just go to login page click on forgot password
    2. Enter your registered email id and employee id
    3. Check your registed mail.
    4. You got a link by click on that link you can reset your password.
  • Why After half an hour of inactivity, i get logged out with a message saying that my connection has expired ?
  • Yes, it happens because of security issue.
  • What is an Empl ID?
  • Empl ID is a unique code for each employee in organisation.